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Aluminium Rolled Products
Aluminium Rolled Products like Sheets, Coils, and many others are majorly used to manufacture pharmaceutical and food packaging items. Apart from this, they are also used to make roofs, doors, venetian blinds, advertising sign boards, coils of heat exchangers, automobile spare parts, fences, electronic products, etc. Developed using cold rolled technique, these are accessible in both chromate and galvanized treated finishing.
Aluminium Foils
Best packaging materials that impressively protects food items and pharmaceutical products from coming in contact with dust, moisture, bacteria and other elements are, Aluminium Foils. Pharmaceutical, Blister, and various other types of foils are impermeable to fluids and gases. One side of these foils is shiny whereas the other one gives matte look, thus suggesting the user to fold or pack items on the matte side.
Aluminium Circle
Aluminium Circle is a circular disk that is structured in different diameters and thicknesses to find applicability in engineering, packaging and various other industries. This type of circle is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion and is used to make a large number of items like medical tubes, toothpaste case, road sign boards, pan, cookware or utensils, cosmetic case, to name a few.
Aluminium Utensils
There are a large number of Aluminium Utensils we use everyday, Kadhai, Kettle and Handi are a few of them. These utensils in comparison with stainless steel utensils are more preferable because of their better ability to retain heat, even heating capacity, non-toxic nature, light weight, non-sticky and scratch resistant surface.

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